About us

Why AluWatch?

AluWatch was created to bring together individuals, NGOs and businesses concerned about the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (CCNUCC). Our organisation’s goal is to launch studies, programmes or projects aimed at proposing measures designed alleviate climate change or contribute in a meaningful way towards reducing CO2 emissions. Our view is to uncover measures that will both bring about sustained growth and protect the environment, leading the way towards a green or circular economy.

The aluminium industry

Their first initiative that AluWatch will focus on concerns the aluminium industry. An industry that is extremely energy intensive (essentially in electricity),the aluminium sector depends on the reliable supply of energy at competitive prices. Its capacity to reduce our environmental footprint thus grants the industry a key place at the table in the broader transition to cleaner energy and a greener economy.

Scientific Committee

AluWatch has engaged a Scientific Committee, presided by Philippe Chalmin, which will deliver an independent recommendation on a variety of subjects. The Committee will play a notable role in determining the actions of AluWatch while ensuring the scientific relevance and coherence of our organisation’s work.

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